What is the process of getting a custom tattoo?

Posted April 26th, 2016 by Matt Stankis

We suggest you make an appointment to come in for a consult, we do not charge for this appointment though please be courteous and call at least 24 hrs in advance if you need to reschedule.

At this time please bring in any design ideas and all reference materials that you have from books, that you’ve printed out, color samples, etc. so that your vision is easily conveyed to the artist.

After your consult the artist will take a $50 / $200 cash drawing deposit that will be applied to the final tattoo session (if your tattoo is large and has to be done over multiple sittings). You may make your appointment at this time but we may need a week or two depending on the complexity of the tattoo and the amount of customers ahead of you.

Once your drawing is complete, the artist will call you and you may come by any time to see it. If you would like anything to be changed please tell the artist at this time so when you come in for your tattoo, your design and tattooer will be ready to go.

* If total cost of the tattoo is $400 or over, a $200 cash deposit will be required.

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