Frequently Asked Questions

We do not make appointments over the phone or online as we require a $50 / $200 * cash deposit to hold your appointment time. The $50 / $200 * cash deposit goes toward the price of your tattoo and will be applied to the final session if your tattoo is large and needs to be done over multiple sittings.

The best thing to do is come in for a consult to allow the artist time to draw, and research if necessary, your custom tattoo. The $50 / $200 * drawing deposit will also hold your appointment time. Please give us at least 48 hrs. notice if you cannot make your appointment. We reserve the right to forfeit your deposit since we probably had to turn other work away due to your scheduled appointment. Our artists work on commission so please be respectful of their time. All drawing and appointment deposits are  non-refundable.

* If total cost of the tattoo is $400 or over, a $200 cash deposit will be required.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from Noon ‘til 8 P.M. We are closed Monday and Sunday.

Northside Tattoos is located at 722 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington, DE 19809. We are in the Bellefonte area of Wilmington, between Marsh Rd and Silverside Rd.

Northside is located directly next to Rita’s Water Ice and across Philadelphia Pike from Wawa and Mazella’s Restaurant.

DART bus route #1 stops right at our doorstep on the corner of Philadelphia Pike and Beeson Rd.

Yes, though if your time is limited you may want to call ahead to see if we’re busy. If we have an opening, we take our last walk-in at 8:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday.

Yes, as allowable by Delaware State law we will tattoo or pierce a minor of 16 and up but only under limited and certain conditions. Please note there are several steps you, as parent, must take to legally allow the minor to be tattooed or pierced.

In accordance with Delaware State regulations you must have our Minor Release Form notarized with both you and the minor showing a federal or state form of picture identification such as driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc. to both the notary and to us. You may stop in and pick up the Minor Release Form during normal business hours or you may download it HERE.

For both tattoos and piercings we limit the services we offer minors. We will not tattoo minors on the face, neck or hands. If undergarments/bathing suits have to be moved for access, we will not tattoo that area. We absolutely will not do any surface, nipple or genital piercings. Any service may be refused at the tattooer’s or piercer’s discretion.

We suggest you make an appointment to come in for a consult, we do not charge for this appointment though please be courteous and call at least 24 hrs in advance if you need to reschedule.

At this time please bring in any design ideas and all reference materials that you have from books, that you’ve printed out, color samples, etc. so that your vision is easily conveyed to the artist.

After your consult the artist will take a $50 / $200 cash drawing deposit that will be applied to the final tattoo session (if your tattoo is large and has to be done over multiple sittings). You may make your appointment at this time but we may need a week or two depending on the complexity of the tattoo and the amount of customers ahead of you.

Once your drawing is complete, the artist will call you and you may come by any time to see it. If you would like anything to be changed please tell the artist at this time so when you come in for your tattoo, your design and tattooer will be ready to go.

* If total cost of the tattoo is $400 or over, a $200 cash deposit will be required.

The short answer is yes. Everyone experiences pain differently. It’s more of an aggravating feeling than a painful one. It is obviously not unbearable or so many people wouldn’t be tattooed and pierced.

As a tattoo is healing most people liken the feeling to a sunburn. As far as piercings, it’s described as a sharp pinch and a warm sensation.

Our tattoos start at $75 and go up from there. We price according to the size, detail, placement and time necessary to complete the tattoo.

If you’d like a tattoo in an area that is generally hard to get to or the artist has to work harder and takes more time to tattoo because of the type of skin tissue, it will cost more.

We have a $75 minimum for the arms, legs and upper back. We have a $100 minimum for the face, neck, hands, feet, chest, stomach and lower back.

It is impossible to give a flat price going on just the area of skin to be tattooed. It depends on the design’s detail and estimated number of sittings to complete.

This question is a lot like “How much is a bag of groceries?” It all depends on whether it’s full of ramen noodles or steaks, right?!

It’s always a good idea to eat something 1 to 2 hours before getting work done.

Also, we suggest that you wear clothing that will allow the area to be tattooed or pierced to be both easily accessible, while still allowing you to feel covered. Keep in mind that after the tattoo is finished we bandage the area.

Because the bandage should be kept on overnight, showering before you come in is recommended. If the area that is to be tattooed is heavily covered with hair, please trim/shave the area before your appointment.

Cash is always king though we do accept Visa and Mastercard as well. Please note that the $50 / $200 deposit required for making an appointment or as a drawing deposit must be made in cash.

* If total cost of the tattoo is $400 or over, a $200 cash deposit will be required.

As professionals in the tattoo industry, we have really worked hard to minimize the risks involved with cross-contamination of bloodborne pathogens to not only our customers but ourselves as well. In our shop we can practically eliminate the risk of Hepatitis B and C as well as Staph and MRSA infections because of our diligence in sterile, disposable equipment as well as using hospital grade disinfectants on all surfaces. Every surface a client touches, not only touched by blood but surfaces even just touched by a client getting a tattoo or piercing, are wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant each time, with no exceptions. This environment cannot be replicated in a kitchen or living room! We guarantee our rooms are cleaner than the typical doctor’s office. However, we can set aside back-to-back appointments provided everyone comes in, has a consult and puts down a $50 deposit. Part of the price of your tattoo is the guarantee that you will not be exposed to communicable diseases in our shop. That’s priceless!