Do you do home parties or parties at the shop?

Posted April 26th, 2016 by Matt Stankis

As professionals in the tattoo industry, we have really worked hard to minimize the risks involved with cross-contamination of bloodborne pathogens to not only our customers but ourselves as well. In our shop we can practically eliminate the risk of Hepatitis B and C as well as Staph and MRSA infections because of our diligence in sterile, disposable equipment as well as using hospital grade disinfectants on all surfaces. Every surface a client touches, not only touched by blood but surfaces even just touched by a client getting a tattoo or piercing, are wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant each time, with no exceptions. This environment cannot be replicated in a kitchen or living room! We guarantee our rooms are cleaner than the typical doctor’s office. However, we can set aside back-to-back appointments provided everyone comes in, has a consult and puts down a $50 deposit. Part of the price of your tattoo is the guarantee that you will not be exposed to communicable diseases in our shop. That’s priceless!

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