Sarah T.

Posted November 3rd, 2011 by Amber Stankis

I was referred to Northside because of the level of cleanliness and dedication to providing solid art and service.  I was not disappointed!  By far one of the most immaculate places I’ve entered, you’ll be hard pressed to find a speck of dust or any of the décor or supplies out of alignment.  Bright and welcoming, Northside is a tattoo shop that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or uncool.

I knew what I wanted when I walked in, but that’s not what I got.  At first I was very disappointed that Matt refused to honor my request – it’s my body and my money, why can’t I get what I want?  Matt explained that the design I wanted (vines wrapped all around my arm) wouldn’t come out how I envisioned due to the shape of my arm and how a body will change over time.  He asked me for more thoughts about what I wanted, showed some options of existing art, and offered to design something for me.  I asked for “floral and feminine.”  A few days later I returned to see his creation and loved it right away.  I still get compliments on my art every day.

After getting daily compliments on my art, I began to feel imbalanced and naked on one side so I went back to Matt for more custom work.  This time I asked for a celestial design to match my flowers and was astounded at the detail he put into my sky work; the color detail alone is breathtaking.Overall:  Northside Tattoos will not give bad work.  Matt knows each tattoo is a representation of himself and his shop and won’t do anything less than amazing.  In addition to masterful technical skill, Northside is the opposite of the usual dank and sketchy shop.  I have recommended Matt to many friends and each one has been pleased. –Sarah T.