Kelli K.

Northside is definitely number one on my list!  Matt is an amazing artist – always meticulous, friendly, clean and professional.  He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing exactly what I want… color and design are always flawless.  Absolutely the brightest and most favorite pieces that I have came from Matt at Northside Tattoos. –Kelli K.

Jessica G.

Matt rocked it with my greyhound tattoo.  Gorgeous color and exactly what I asked for. Thank you so much! –Jessica G.

Cadie F.

I just recently had piercings done at Northside Tattoo. At first, I was nervous and wasn’t sure how the jewelry was going to be put in my body and I had a million and one questions, however, the piercer was super educated on everything and made me feel comfortable after he explained the whole process step by step before he began. He made the process as smooth and as non-painful as possible. After the piercing was done, he sat down and explained to me how to clean it and if I had any questions to feel free to call and ask him. I LOVEEE my piercings and I think they are super sexy. Also, the business was very professional and super clean. I plan on getting another piercing in the future and when I do, I will ONLY go here. Best place by far. Thanks guys!! Keep on Rocking it out! –Cadie F.

Cat R.

I have gotten several tattoos at Northside and they are all my favorite. The last time was awesome – pinstriping on the backs of my legs. Matt is an incredible artist and consistently gives high quality tattoos. I only recommend this shop to my friends and family. – Cat R.

Desiree B.

Matt Stankis does absolutely beautiful, flawless work.  The cleanest tattoo shop I have ever been in. He is a very focused artist with excellent work. Five stars!!! This art is for life,  it is so worth it to see Matt at Northside Tattoo to be sure you get what you really want and probably more. The team at Northside is organized and have a well-run operation. You will not be let down. -Desiree B.

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