Amber Wesser is the co-owner and manager of Northside Tattoo, Inc. Since completing a piercing apprenticeship, she has expanded her knowledge and expertise of this industry to include body piercing that ranges from common to complex. She is particularly skilled at easing anxiety and providing a calm and professional experience. Amber is steadfast in her commitment to safety and has Bloodborne Pathogen training through the American Red Cross as well as extensive on-the-job training and experience to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Amber’s cheerful attitude and intuition will help put you at ease as she walks you through the piercing process. Whether you have questions about which piercing is right for you, jewelry choices or have an interest in complex piercing projects, her knowledge and skill will help you to determine the best route to choose. As an integral part of the Northside Tattoo family, Amber delivers the consistent quality and skill in the friendly atmosphere that you have come to expect over the years.